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BJCC Arena (Birmingham, Alabama):
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Friday at 5:00 pm
PowerShares Series Tennis

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BJCC Arena Seating Chart:

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BJCC Arena Seating Chart
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BJCC Arena Address
2100 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North
Birmingham, Alabama
Seating Capacity
BJCC Arena News
Bassmaster Classic will return to Birmingham's BJCC Arena in 2014
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - Bassmasters will return to Birmingham in February 2014 for the Bassmaster Classic, The Birmingham News and have learned ... 10 a.m. Thursday in the Arena Club at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.

BJCC's $300M master plan: Renovate, build open-air stadium, expand entertainment district BJCC Arena Tickets
The latest master plan to expand the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex goes topless ... calling for extensive renovations and expansion of Legacy Arena, modernizing the entire complex's look and access, adding an open-air stadium and expanding ...

Better acoustics at the BJCC Arena Tickets? Sounds good to me.
Reality check: Some of us still find it hard to wrap our minds around the idea of a dome at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. That ceremonial groundbreaking on Tuesday? Not exactly concrete. But here's a project that's much easier to envision ...