Dorton Arena Tickets for 2014 - 2015

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Dorton Arena Tickets

Dorton Arena (Raleigh, North Carolina):
Dont miss all the events at Dorton Arena this year. Find cheap and premium concert and live event tickets for Dorton Arena. Come on down to Dorton Arena tickets to watch some live events! The Dorton Arena box office could be sold-out of Dorton Arena tickets. Front Row King is your number one source for sold out Dorton Arena tickets. Find quality Dorton Arena tickets for events in Raleigh! Front Row Kings selection of Dorton Arena tickets lets you sit where you want. Dorton Arena event tickets are usually shipped with FedEx, but some Dorton Arena tickets are available for pick up at the Dorton Arena will call office or Dorton Arena box office. Browsing the best tickets for events at Dorton Arena in Raleigh is simple here. To purchase tickets for Dorton Arena Raleigh at great prices, review the Dorton Arena upcoming schedule. Choose your own seats at Front Row King for Dorton Arena events and some tickets may be available to pick up at the Dorton Arena box office or Dorton Arena will call office.
Dorton Arena 2014 - 2015 Event Schedule

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Dorton Arena Address
1025 Blue Ridge Rd
Raleigh, North Carolina
Seating Capacity
Dorton Arena News
Dorton Arena - Raleigh's claim to international architectural fame
Prominent along west Raleigh's Blue Ridge Road is the J. S. Dorton Arena. This icon of the North Carolina State Fairgrounds was completed in 1952 and has undergone several renovations and facelifts over the years. The arena was originally built to serve ...

Bathrooms reopen at Raleigh's Dorton Arena Tickets after water main break
Raleigh, N.C. - North Carolina State Fair officials closed the bathrooms at Dorton Arena for a few hours Saturday in order to fix a broken water main on the east side of the building. It wasn't clear what caused the break, but officials reopened the ...

2010 N.C. State Fair - J.S. Dorton Arena Tickets concerts offer hot acts, best time to purchase tickets?
Want a great J.S. Dorton Arena seat for any of these 2010 N.C. State Fair concert acts? Raleigh can't wait as the 2010 N.C. State Fair is gearing up for another fun filled annual event packed with incredible musicians to appear each night at Dorton Arena.