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Edward Jones Dome (Saint Louis, Missouri):
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Thursday at 7:00 pm
Guns N' Roses

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Edward Jones Dome Seating Chart
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Edward Jones Dome Address
701 Convention Plaza
Saint Louis, Missouri
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Edward Jones Dome News
Hefferman: Kopach always off and running for Saluki baseball
The Valley has also hosted two women's basketball Final Fours at the Scottrade Center, in 2001 and 2009, and the men's Final Four at the Edward Jones Dome in 2005. Between 1998-2010, the Valley hosted nine NCAA men's or women's tournament events in St. Louis.

Scottrade Center to Host First, Second Round March Madness Games in 2020 Edward Jones Dome Tickets
PREVIOUS NCAA BASKETBALL EVENTS HOSTED BY MVC 1993 – Men's Regional at Saint Louis Arena in St. Louis 1998 – Men's Regional at Scottrade Center in St. Louis 1999 – Men's Regional at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis 2001 – Women's Final Four a ...

Romeo Byting Bulldogs advance to world championship Edward Jones Dome Tickets
Together these achievements earned them a spot at the world championship, which takes place this weekend at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. Teams are given identical kits at the start of each season and build their own robots for competitions.