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Houston Astros Tickets

The Huston Astros are a Major League Baseball, American League West Division team that resides in Houston, Texas. In 1962 when the team first got its start it was called the Houston Colt .45s. Then in 1965 when the Colt .45s moved to the Astrodome, they adopted the current name of Houston Astros. The Astrodome was the world's first domes sports stadium, and was named after Houston's role in the US Space program. Although the Astros have had 2 National League Pennant, 4 National League Central Division Titles, 2 National League West Division Titles, and 2 Wild Card Berths, they have yet to claim a World Series title. In 200 the Astros moved into the new Enron Field stadium. Over the next few year the stadium would change from Enron Field, to The Ball Bark at Union Station, then Astros Field and finally to its current Minute Maid Park. In March of 2013 the Astros played their first game in the American League making the transition from the National League. Only time will tell how the Astros will fair with the move, but if history can tell anything then the 7 great Baseball Hall of Famers and 3 Ford C. Frick Award recipients are proof they can do it.
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