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I Wireless Center (Moline, Illinois):
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I Wireless Center 2017 - 2018 Event Schedule

I Wireless Center Concerts

Saturday at 3:30 am
Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band

Thursday at 7:00 pm
Chris Stapleton Margo Price & Brent Cobb

Saturday at 8:00 pm
Matchbox Twenty

Wednesday at 8:00 pm
Janet Jackson

Friday at 8:00 pm
Elton John

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I Wireless Center Sports Events

Saturday at 7:30 pm
WWE: Live

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I Wireless Center Seating Chart:

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I Wireless Center  Seating Chart
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I Wireless Center Address
1201 River Dr
Moline, Illinois
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I Wireless Center News
i wireless Center makes $1M in building, concession changes
MOLINE -- The i wireless Center unveiled $1 million in renovations in the 19-year-old arena at an open house Wednesday afternoon. Updated areas include the concession stands, conference center and patios. Renovations include digital menu boards, bottoms-up ...

Crew builds pond in i wireless Center for watersports show I Wireless Center Tickets
The vision of personal watercraft splishing and splashing back and forth and wakeboarders thrilling with their tricks inside the i wireless Center took some imagination Friday evening. Nearly 24 hours before the H2X Extreme Watersports Show, the arena ...

I-Wireless Center Unveils new video wall I Wireless Center Tickets
MOLINE, Illinois-- The I-Wireless Center introduced their new video board to the arena, just in time for hockey season. The new video wall is about 5 times bigger than the old one and includes a high definition camera and new replay system. The new ...