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Idaho Center (Nampa, Idaho):
Dont miss all the Idaho Center events this year. If you have any questions on buying Idaho Center tickets or event information, contact customer support! Our selection of Idaho Center event tickets lets you sit where you want! Amazing prices for events at Idaho Center are at Choose your own seats at Front Row King for Idaho Center tickets events and some tickets may be available to pick up at the Idaho Center tickets box office or Idaho Center tickets will call office. Events at Idaho Center are never sold out at Front Row King.
Idaho Center 2017 - 2018 Event Schedule

Idaho Center Concerts

Sunday at 8:00 pm
Chance The Rapper

Sunday at 7:30 pm

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Idaho Center Sports Events

Tuesday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede

Wednesday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede

Thursday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede

Friday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede

Saturday at 12:30 pm
Snake River Stampede

Saturday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede

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Idaho Center Seating Chart:

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Idaho Center Seating Chart
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Idaho Center Address
16200 Can-ada Rd
Nampa, Idaho
Seating Capacity
Idaho Center News
Time for Spectra to prove its worth in management of Nampa Civic Center
Event venues, such as the Ford Idaho Center and Nampa Civic Center, are not necessarily profit-making enterprises for cities. But it's reasonable to expect competent and efficient management. Three directors in four years, which is what we've seen at ...

More tickets to be released for sold-out Tool concert at Idaho Center Tickets
Tool, which will headline the Ford Idaho Center on Sunday, June 18, is the Boise market's most anticipated rock concert in recent memory. The show quickly sold out in advance. All the seats are gone. Even singles. Since then, organizers have cleaned up ...

Ghana Pathway choir to be livestreamed at BYU-Idaho Devotional Idaho Center Tickets
in the BYU-Idaho Center. The 50-voice Collegiate Bountiful Chorale from Accra, Ghana, will be singing "The Lord is My Shepherd" in a livestreaming performance prior to former Primary General President Sister Rosemary M. Wixom's devotional address.