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Minnesota Twins Tickets

The Minnesota Twins began as the Kansas City Blues in 1894 in the Western League. In 1901 the team relocated to Washington, DC when the American League was formed changing their name to the Washington Senators and then Washington Nationals. In 1960 the team moved to Minnesota to the Metropolitan Stadium. The team's new name came from the twin cities nick name, and quickly brought the team some long overdue success. Changing stadiums to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and then to the current location at Target Field in 2010 has not slowed down the success of the Twins. With 3 World Series Titles, 6 American League Pennants, 6 Central Division titles, and 4 West Division Titles earned over the years, the Twins continue to play a great game. Not to mention the 23 Hall Of Famers,5 announcers winning the Ford C Frick Awards, and 26 Twins Hall Of Famers too! With a team that has a long history of being notorious pranksters, the Twins will always put a great game for fans both home and away.
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