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PNC Arena (Raleigh, North Carolina):
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RBC Center 2017 - 2018 Event Schedule

RBC Center Concerts

Saturday at 7:30 pm
Ed Sheeran

Sunday at 7:00 pm
Capital City Music Festival: Tyrese

Sunday at 8:00 pm
Capital City Music Festival: Tyrese

Thursday at 8:00 pm
Bruno Mars

Saturday at 8:00 pm
Charlie Wilson

Thursday at 7:30 pm
Jim Gaffigan

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RBC Center Sports Events

Wednesday at 7:00 pm
NHL Preseason: Carolina Hurricanes vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Friday at 7:30 pm
NHL Preseason: Carolina Hurricanes vs. Washington Capitals

Saturday at 3:30 am
Carolina Hurricanes vs. Minnesota Wild

Tuesday at 3:30 am
Carolina Hurricanes Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games)

Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Carolina Hurricanes vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Saturday at 6:45 pm
Built Ford Tough Series: PBR - Professional Bull Riders

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RBC Center Theater Shows

Wednesday at 7:00 pm
Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

Thursday at 7:00 pm
Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

Friday at 7:00 pm
Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

Saturday at 10:30 am
Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

Saturday at 2:30 pm
Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

Saturday at 6:30 pm
Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

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PNC Arena Seating Chart:

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PNC Arena  Seating Chart
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Raleigh, North Carolina
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PNC Arena Tickets
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Tweetmail No. 155: Jerseys, Homegrown Food & Road Cities PNC Arena Tickets
Yep! Friday, Sept. 15 is when you'll find the new Hurricanes Adidas jerseys in The Eye. Plan to swing by PNC Arena that day if you're around; after the store is closed that Saturday due to NC State football, fans' next chance to get their hands on the new ...

At arena board, some hope for better days as sale of the Hurricanes proceeds ... slowly PNC Arena Tickets
The Centennial Authority met Thursday afternoon in the same PNC Arena conference room Chuck Greenberg has been using to meet with current and potential investors in the Carolina Hurricanes, and the words "Chuck Greenberg" were never mentioned once.