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Tacoma Dome (Tacoma, Washington):
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Tacoma Dome 2017 - 2018 Event Schedule

Tacoma Dome Concerts

Monday at 7:30 pm
Bruno Mars

Saturday at 7:30 pm
Ed Sheeran

Tuesday at 7:30 pm
Kendrick Lamar Travis Scott & D.R.A.M.

Saturday at 7:30 pm
Lady Gaga

Saturday at 3:30 am
Scorpions & Megadeth

Saturday at 8:00 pm
Andre Rieu

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Tacoma Dome Seating Chart:

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Tacoma Dome Seating Chart
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Tacoma Dome Address
2727 East D St

Tacoma, Washington
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Tacoma Dome News
Roger Waters set list
More than 18,000 Roger Waters fans were treated to classic Pink Floyd tunes, an eye-popping laser and video show and a Trump-themed flying pig Saturday night at the Tacoma Dome. Stay tuned for more photos and description from the show. Meanwhile ...

Tacoma Dome Tickets businesses concerned about new homeless shelter
The city of Tacoma is less than two weeks away from opening its first temporary emergency homeless shelter. It will be located at Puyallup Avenue E. and Portland Avenue E., a few blocks south of the Tacoma Dome. Business leaders in the neighborhood met ...

The Growler guide to Tacoma's beer scene Tacoma Dome Tickets
which connects the city's Theater District and Tacoma Dome Station, with six stops and breweries-aplenty in between. And it's free, which leaves you more money to spend on delicious beer. So it's a win-win. As I've learned after many years of ...