AC/DC Celebrate 40th Anniversary With A World Tour 2013?

For those about to rock…we salute you! Who is ready to hear a little AC/DC Live? The time is coming closer for AC/DC to hit the road and start touring.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, their latest album ‘Live at River Plate’ was released on November 19, this was their first album in 20 years…no better way to celebrate than to grab the tour bus keys and hit the road!

Sources claim the AC/DC will be touring to mark their 40th Anniversary. While the band has been pretty tight lipped about the whole thing Brian Johnson hinted around the band would be meeting to see how the old rockers were feeling…come on, you guys feel fine!

Stick around to hear the latest and great about the AC/DC World Tour 2013…we will have tour details and up to date information as soon as it’s announced.

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