Taylor Swift Has A Rough Night At 2013 Golden Globes

Alright, so Taylor Swift didn’t exactly have a smooth night at the 2013 Golden Globes. From getting beaten up about her somber looking dress and hair, to Tina Fey & co-host Amy Poehler making note of the fact she came alone and needs some ‘me’ time….ouch!

But what really got the Twitter universe aflutter was after losing out to Adele for the Best Original Song, the camera panned over to catch Swift with a ‘if looks could kill’ expression!

The ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ singer needs to put this night behind her; Swifties have started the countdown to the RED World Tour that kicks off in less than two months! This is exactly what Taylor needs to get herself out of the prying media’s eye and concentrate on what she does best, perform!

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Tickets have already been onsale for awhile now, but are still available from the complete RED Tour that kicks off on March 13.

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