The Postal Service Reunion At Coachella 2013?

Apparently The Postal Service reunion is on, it’s been almost 10 years since the band released ‘Give Up’ which surprised even when it because a  huge cult phenomenon.

When Death Cub for Cuties, Ben Gibbard joined forces with producer Jimmy Tamborello, no one knew the amount of success they would have, only to walk away from it all when they were on top.

And now, looks like fans might have their wish as The Postal Service website has updated their page to simply read: ‘The Postal Service 2013’.

Many fans, blogs and music critics seem to think this reunion might take place at the Coachella Music Festival 2013. The announcement of a reunion and the Coachella line-up times out perfectly. Although fans might not get a new album from the band, they might get something better: The Postal Service at Coachella 2013who can complain about that?

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