Justin Bieber ‘Yellow Raincoat’ Track Leaked From Believe Acoustic Album

Nothing in Hollywood is a surprise anymore! Just as Justin Bieber is getting ready to release his anticipated Believe Acoustic album, his new song ‘Yellow Raincoat’ was leaked. Was this planned by the singer who is trying to woo is ex girlfriend Selena Gomez back?

The Believe Acoustic album is slated to be released on January 29th and sources close to Bieber have not confirmed nor denied that it is officially the song on the album.  The song surfaced earlier this week and has quickly made its way to any and every media outlet and Belieber possible.

Justin hopefully won’t need his yellow raincoat in the next few weeks as he is scheduled to be performing on the Believe Tour 2013 in sunny Florida in Orland and Miami. Wanna hear his new acoustic songs live? Get great prices on Justin Bieber Tickets for their remainder of the tour and be the first to hear his new album!

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