Mary J. Blige & Tyler, the Creator Collaborate On Miley Cyrus New Album

In a recent interview with a very grown up Miley Cyrus, the singer talks about her new album that is set to be released this year.

The album contains collaborations with Mary J. Blige and Tyler, the Creator and is a interesting collection of country, hip hop and metal.

Fans have been skeptical with the changes Miley has made over the past few years and months, from chopping her hair, grabbing her crotch or baring all in skimpy outfits; it seems this new Miley was going in a completely different direction (Britney Spears direction). But these new changes are hopefully bringing a positive change to Miley’s life and career…she’s not Hanna Montana anymore!

We know her album will be dropping soon, and sources are claiming that we will see either a Miley Cyrus Tour 2013 or Miley will kick off a few performances in 2013 in support of her latest album. Stick around and we will let you know what happens!

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