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West Side Story News
West Side Story--Just as relevant today as when it first came out:
West Side Story, a very famous late-1950's Broadway stage musical based on Romeo & Juliet, which was made into a spectacular motion picture after Walter Mirisch bought the rights to the film version, is about a forbidden love and romance that ...

Cleveland Orchestra bidding farewell to conductor Brett Mitchell with 'West Side Story Tickets' film (preview)
CLEVELAND, Ohio - No one conceived the Cleveland Orchestra's season finale next week as a farewell to associate conductor Brett Mitchell. As it turns out, however, that's exactly what it is, and with "West Side Story" as the main attraction, even Mitchell ...

'West Side Story Tickets' in Manila: What to expect from the Broadway classic
Manila (CNN Philippines Life) - There are a few things you readily associate with a good Broadway musical, but a violent ending is usually not one of them. In Jerome Robbins' "West Side Story" - staged for the contemporary audience by director ...