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Annie News
Annie Lux teams up with WEI, Question & JaMichael on the sultry "Hurry Up" [Premiere]
Pop songstress Annie Lux takes a bold step into the producer role on her new single titled "Hurry Up". The record is a solid mix of R&B, electronic and experimental elements resulting in a very alluri...

Janesville performance of 'Annie Tickets' will transport audience to original time period
ANESVILLE-The famous Broadway musical "Annie" has been adapted into films, books and made-for-TV specials, so it's hard for anyone to put a new spin on his or her own production. But Edie Baran, who w...

Review: Despite a few flaws, 'Annie Tickets' still shines
STOCKTON - Stockton Civic Theatre's reputation is such that it's almost expected for its preview shows to be polished and audience-ready. A few glitches - a horn off-key during the overture, a creaky ...