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Blue Man Group News
Neenah native still embraces the 'weird' after 23 years in Blue Man Group
Neenah native still embraces the 'weird' after 23 years in Blue Man Group "You'd walk away from the show going 'I don't know what the (expletive) I just saw but it was really cool and I feel great.'" ...

How Blue Man Group Tickets makes their instruments
When it comes to Blue Man Group's instruments, almost everything is made by hand. PVC pipes and other industrial materials are par for the course. We got to peek inside the studio to see some of the l...

Tyler Pedersen Wins Blue Man Group Tickets Boston Drum-Off
Blue Man Group Boston hosted their 5th annual Drum-Off competition at The Summer Block Party at the Lawn on D in Boston on Saturday where Tyler Pedersen, 24, from Marblehead, MA was crowned the winner ...