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Idaho Center (Nampa, Idaho):
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Idaho Center 2021 - 2022 Event Schedule

Idaho Center Concerts

Thursday at 7:00 pm
Chris Stapleton

Monday at 7:30 pm
Backstreet Boys

Thursday at 7:30 pm
Brantley Gilbert

Wednesday at 3:30 am

Thursday at 7:00 pm
Miranda Lambert, Cody Johnson & Lanco

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Idaho Center Sports Events

Tuesday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede - Tuesday

Wednesday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede - Wednesday

Thursday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede - Thursday

Friday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede - Friday

Saturday at 12:00 pm
Snake River Stampede - Saturday Matinee

Saturday at 7:30 pm
Snake River Stampede - Saturday Evening

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Idaho Center Seating Chart:

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Idaho Center Seating Chart
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Idaho Center Address
16200 Can-ada Rd
Nampa, Idaho
Seating Capacity
Idaho Center News
'A beacon of light': Wassmuth Center to open new $3 million education center
The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, home to Idaho's Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, is planning to build a new education center at the memorial. The center would include 3,500 square feet on the ...

Idaho Falls Arts Council hosting new exhibits in downtown galleries Idaho Center Tickets
The Idaho Falls Arts Council recently welcomed two new exhibits to its downtown galleries in the Willard Arts Center. "Manipulated: Digital Art" is a group exhibition currently on display in the Carr ...

Wassmuth Center announces $3 million expansion Idaho Center Tickets
The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights plans to build a $3 million human rights education center next to the Anne Frank memorial, which it manages.