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Joe Louis Arena Seating Chart
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Joe Louis Arena Address
600 Civic Center Dr
Detroit, Michigan
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Joe Louis Arena News
Joe Louis Arena, Palace's demise shows how Wings, Pistons have fallen
Demolition on the Joe Louis Arena began earlier this spring, starting with the interior of the arena. In June, workers began dismantling the exterior of the Red Wings' former home. Workers were seen ...

As The Joe and Palace fall, I'm reminded of the greatness that stood inside Joe Louis Arena Tickets
As The Joe and Palace fall, I'm reminded of the greatness that stood inside The demise of Joe Louis Arena and the Palace of Auburn Hills reminds Shawn Windsor of how far the Red Wings and Pistons have ...

Collectibles from Palace of Auburn Hills go to auction Joe Louis Arena Tickets
Over 3,000 items are for sale, including memorabilia, restaurant equipment and more Arena was sold to a joint venture last month Auctions started Thursday After sales of seats and infrastructure from ...