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12-9-2018 at Severance Hall Tickets Cleveland Orchestra: Jane Glover - Handel's Messiah
12-9-2018 at Severance Hall
12-9-2018 at Beachland Ballroom Tickets I See Stars (Acoustic)
12-9-2018 at Beachland Ballroom
12-14-2018 at Severance Hall Tickets Cleveland Orchestra: Richard Kaufman - Christmas Concert
12-14-2018 at Severance Hall

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Popular Venues in Cleveland

Palace Theatre - Cleveland
Quicken Loans Arena
The Hanna Theatre

Paramore & Concert News

Paramore's Hayley Williams Working on Hair-Centric Side Project, Taking Social Media Break
Paramore's After Laughter arrived in 2017, and touring support for the disc has wrapped. With some time away, singer Hayley Williams has revealed in a new Instagram post that she's continuing work ...

How Twilight Ushered in a New Dawn For Movie Soundtracks Paramore Tickets
Yeah, I guess I'll do this audition." This is how the interview between Robert Pattinson and Paramore's Hayley Williams for Myspace's (RIP) Artist On Artist series began. Well, if two people ...