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When you're going to see your favorite band, singer or concert, there are a few feelings that you get that cannot be duplicated.

The first feeling is when you realize that your band or singer is going on tour... you become overwhelmed with excitement and joy. If you're like most people, you instantly go online to see where they are playing. You hope and pray that they are performing in a city close to your home (or school).

Then you realize feeling #2... extreme excitement! When you see the venue and city listed in the performer's tour schedule, you instantly look at the date rattle off important dates to verify that there is no conflict. If there isn't, you're psyched, if there is, you begin weighing the importance of your job or your friend's wedding.

The next feeling is more of an anxious feeling because it is like a lottery or draft. Feeling #3 is the on-sale date. Will I get tickets? Where will the seats be located? Are those seats good enough? Most people won't end up getting the seats they want for the public on sale and will immediately come to Front Row King to select the seats they want to sit in. The anxiety is over, you've ordered your tickets.

Now, depending on when the concert is, you will have brief moments of excitement, talking to your friends, making plans and hearing the band's (or singer's) song on your radio, ipod or anywhere in general. This is feeling #4. If the concert is months away, you will still think about it daily or weekly, especially if you have the tickets on your refrigerator door!

Then it comes, the day of the concert. Feeling #5 is a variety of emotions where you realize the show is today, you're driving to the arena, you're waiting in line, you're finding your seats and you're staring at the stage, waiting. You might pay a little attention to the opening band or you may just be waiting for the main event!

Finally, feeling #6... the moment comes when your band or singer is announced and they take the stage. The music starts, the fans go wild and the show has begun. This is what you've been waiting for! You enjoy the show, while occasionally taking a couple pics with your cell phone and looking at your friends who are smiling just as much as you are!

After the show, you're walking to your car and you review the show with your friends and hear other people doing the same. Your ears are a little thrown off by the speakers and sound system at the show so you don't realize how loud you're actually talking! The ride home is your wind-down period and for the next few days, people will ask you how the show was and you'll tell them about it. Then you wonder, when will they be on tour again?

The Front Row King team loves music, loves going to concerts, loves all those same feelings and although your experiences may differ, we can all agree that attending a concert for your favorite band or singer is something that you will always enjoy and these memories will not soon be forgotten.

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