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REAL Customer Testimonials for Front Row King

Front Row King Testimonials

Over the past few years, we have gotten many testimonials, thank you's and reviews in our email from our loyal customers. We have put some of our customer testimonials below for you to read. We welcome you to send us your thoughts, opinions, praises and criticism. Please email frontrowking[at]gmail[dot]com to have your testimonial included.


3/11/2013 - Dominique S.
"Ya'll are great. I got great seats for the Bruno Mars concert and it didn't even cost me an arm and a leg. I'd thought I would have to sell my car to afford some tix for Bruno Mars. Now me and my girls are gonna get to see him live! Thank you very much."

3/9/2013 - Roger A.
"I needed to get some Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z tickets for Yankee Stadium before they went on sale because I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks and Front Row King was able to help me secure some tickets before they were even released. That is pretty sweet. I knew I wasn't going to have a reliable internet connection or cell service to order tickets on vacation and now it is just one less thing to worry about. TY!"

2/25/2013 - Blake W.
"I like the price, the choices (selection of tickets), the quick shipping and the ease of finding tickets on your site. Thank you Front Row King. Your buddy Blake"

1/17/2013 - Haley S.
"My friends and I had been searching through lots of sites including ebay, craigslist, stubhub, ticketmaster and countless others. All of them were either sold out or the prices were way too high. When I found frontrowking through google, I was pleasantly surprised at the prices. I am glad that we got such decent seats for our price range. Way to go! Thanks!!!"

1/4/2013 - Walter C.
"Thank you for the great service, we look forward to buying tickets from you again."

12/22/2012 - Matthew D.
"Although we had a mix up with our tickets, the problem was successfully solved and we ended up with the correct tickets. The guys were quick to fix the problem and I understand that they're only human. Mistakes can happen. I was pleased with the overall customer support and exchange process."

12/9/2012 - Erica P.
"My experience with Front Row King was great. We had our tickets in hand the next day, could not ask for faster service than that."

12/8/2012 - Peter W.
"I talked to several ticket brokers today and I couldn't get anywhere getting my questions answered. When I reached the King's customer support, they provided me with truthful and honest answers and weren't afraid of being frank with me. I could tell this because they didn't hesitate to answer any questions like other brokers did. I was concerned with the legitimacy of the business, authenticity of the tickets, the terms and policies and the track record of the company. Front Row King was very helpful and I am very glad that I gave them a call. I have now become a loyal Front Row King customer and go to their site whenever I need tickets for promotions, my clients or for personal needs."

11/21/2012 - Vivian S.
"James and I would like to thank the guys from Front Row King for helping us locate and purchase tickets in the same row as our friends. The customer support was great and you all helped us out so much. It's very much appreciated and I am so pleased to have found tickets next to our friends for the show."

11/18/2012 - Mary T.
"I was very pleased with the service and the ease of ordering tickets. My husband and I will gladly use again because our experience was excellent and our expectations were exceeded."

11/9/2012 - Derrick W.
"When I heard the Green Day concert was cancelled, I was really upset. I thought my money was gone but I sent the tickets back to Front Row King and got a refund for the tickets. I ended up buying tickets for the Carrie Underwood concert for my girlfriend instead. I guess it all worked out in the end. I would absolutely recommend to my friends and family. Finding good seats is actually quite simple and took no time at all."

10/31/2012 - Naomi R.
"Thank you for shipping the tickets so quickly, my little brother will be so excited to go to the concert. I'm glad I get to bring him after all."

10/28/2012 - Lacey M.
"I just got a really good deal on a pair of Rhianna concert tickets at Front Row King. I am so pumped for this show. Cannot wait! Thanks!"

10/21/2012 - Scott & Lori
"We've been waiting forever for another Rolling Stones concert and it's finally here! We ordered tickets a few minutes ago with Front Row King because we have had good success with them in the past. We bought tickets for The Who, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, The Police and Paul McCartney. We have priced out other sites but we love Front Row King because of their pricing and availability of tickets. Tickets sell out so fast these days, you are pretty much assigned a seat anywhere in the arena or you don't get a ticket at all. It's worth it to us to spend a little extra for some tickets if we know we get good tickets. As for the Rolling Stones show, we are so excited and cannot wait till December. Thank you Front Row King for all the great seats."

10/18/2012 - Sam M.
"My tickets arrived very quickly and the show was great. is an excellent store for tickets."

10/1/2012 - Lawrence G.
"I finally got to see my nephew play in a game. He plays football for Clemson and I made the trip up to Boston to see the Tigers beat the BC Eagles. What an experience. Hope this email finds you well and thank you very much for the great seats!"

9/27/2012 - Debbie W.
"Hello guys, I wanted to share a testimonial for your company. I tried high and low to find Justin Bieber tickets on They were all sold out for the 2 shows closest to our home. As much as I didn't want to buy tickets from another broker, I found some tickets on your site that I wanted. They were expensive, but at least I could got the section that I wanted for the show. The tickets arrived the next day and I am glad I went with your company. Despite the price, I had an overall good experience dealing with your customer service. Thank you."

9/22/2012 - Gus T.
"My son got a foul ball at the Yankees game! He doesn't stop talking about it. I thank you so much for the tickets. It was a great time at the game and I got to bond with my son. It was worth every penny."

9/19/2012 - Patrick K.
"I tried dozens of other ticket sites on Monday, Sept 10th and it seemed like most of them were down to a certain extent due to GoDaddy's issues. Front Row King was still up and running and I was able to order my Green Bay Packers tickets (GoPackGo). Excellent site and thank you for the tickets."

8/30/2012 - Dorothy S.
"Front Row King, I wanted to write to show my gratitude for helping me order tickets for my grandson's birthday. At my age, I am not very savvy with technology and I am just glad that I could call to place my order. To my delight, your operator was very patient and kind, a true surprise. Bless you for making my grandson smile when he opened my gift."

8/12/2012 - Jake A.
"The Jason Aldean show was great. I ended up with good seats."

8/7/2012 - Jeannie F. (via Facebook)
"Want to see Heart so bad. I love you Front Row King!"

7/8/2012 - Ken R.
"I look forward to going to see the Who with my father. He will be truly surprised. Thanks for the help with my order."

6/11/2012 - Jenna T.
"My daughter has been begging me for Bieber tickets for the past week and I am glad they were cheaper than the last time he toured in this area. Glad I found your site. Will be glad to order with you again in the future."

6/8/2012 - Paula O.
"Wasn't really expecting to see Madonna on tour again in my lifetime. I ended up ordering floor seats to see her live, in person! You never know when it will be the last time you see a legend perform."

5/20/2012 - Brett V.
"I panicked when Carrie Underwood sold out and had to act fast. My fiance wanted to go so bad and her birthday is in 2 weeks. Thanks to you guys, I will not be in the dog house..."

4/18/2012 - Wes J.
"Ordered tickets to see the Boss. Super excited for the show, thanks for the quick shipment on the tix."

3/31/2012 - Jeff L.
"Just wanted you to know that the concert was amazing. I had no problem with the tix, they were 100% legit tickets and had no problems at all with the ordering process."

3/28/2012 - Rob E.
"Just ordered my Aerosmith tickets... can't wait! Great prices for tickets! Regards, Rob"

3/12/2012 - Joshua A.
"Just surprised my girlfriend with Madonna tickets! Talk about scoring some bonus points. I ordered them Saturday afternoon and they got here Monday morning. That seems pretty fast if you ask me! No complaints though. I am glad to leave positive feedback for your company, you handel ed me very well and I was always comfortable dealing with your company."

2/9/2012 - Vallerie Q.
"Glad I'm subscribed to your newsletter. I didn't even know that Drake was on tour again. A loyal customer for life."

2/5/2012 - Dustin V.
"Excellent prices... I looked for hours on dozens of sites and had the best deal after shipping and fees."

1/30/2012 - Jessica G.
"I ordered tickets last Tuesday for Wicked on Broadway and the tickets got here very quickly. I'd like to thank you for your help and patience while ordering tickets. Will gladly call you again next time I need tickets."

1/11/2012 - Fran O.
"Okay, I'll admit it, I was very skeptical of purchasing tickets on a site I have never heard of but their prices were better than Stub Hub and we got our tickets a lot faster than when we got tickets on eBay! No problems at all, a very good company to deal with."

12/26/2011 - Jean B.
"The tickets I ordered the other day got here just in time for Christmas. Thank you so much for the quick shipping... my husband was so surprised to get his Houston Texans tickets on Christmas morning."

12/14/2011 - Lewis D.
"Just got the Boston Bruins tickets I ordered yesterday for my son's birthday. Thank you so much for helping me with finding the best seats for my budget. I will gladly come back to your site next time I need tickets."

12/1/2011 - Anne M.
"I ordered a pair of hockey tickets last month and they arrived the next day. When we got to the game, our seats were the ones we ordered and we didn't have any issues with Front Row King. When it comes to tickets, I know I will be using them again. I priced similar tickets with bigger ticket sites but I am glad I chose these guys. I recommend them highly. Needless to say, I will be ordering some more tickets for the holidays this year. Thank you!"

9/14/2011 - Josh K.
"I just got the Kesha concert tickets I ordered for my girlfriend. They arrived from FedEx and I wasn't expecting the tickets to ship that soon! The website was easy to find what I was looking for. Hope to do business with you again soon!"

8/18/2011 - Laura V.
"I wanted to leave a testimonial for Front Row King... I needed to purchase tickets for several events for some of our clients. I came across Front Row King and called the support number. The operator was very nice and helped me order my tickets. The prices were fair and the tickets arrived rather quickly. I am glad I called and got to speak to someone so quickly. You're the best!"

8/6/2011 - Tony L.
"I have ordered tickets from your site in the past and I just picked up a pair of tickets for a show at the end of the summer that was actually a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. It was a no-brainer. I know I will be getting more tickets come football season. I am an advocate for Front Row King, I have been recommending you to all my friends and family."

5/30/2011 - Jenna S.
"We have been planning our friend's bachelorette party for a long time now and we just got tickets for all of us to go see Lisa Lampanelli and then it's out for a night on the town. We're all super excited. We had no problem finding 8 tickets together on your site. We appreciate it!"

2/11/2011 - Kenny D.
"Fast shipment, good prices, great seats... A+ (just in time for valentines day)!"

12/19/2010 - Nicholas L.
"Our experience with your company has been nothing short of excellent. We called customer support to ask a few questions and the receptionist was courteous, knowledgeable and answered quickly. She actually took our order right over the phone. How convenient!"

7/14/2011 - Dennis K.
"We have been using another company for a long time to get baseball tickets and then realized that your site has the same tickets for a lot less. I guess the other company needs to re-coop all the money they spend on tv commercials and radio spots. You will save my family hundreds of dollars this summer. You guys rock! I'll pass your site along to all my buddies."

6/4/2011 - Laura B.
"I just ordered my first pair of tickets online. I am going to go see Wiz Khalifa with my boyfriend. The tickets were a good price and the checkout was easy as pie. I know I won't be disappointed."

4/10/2011 - Cody M.
"My Dad wanted to catch a concert this summer and I figured I'd get tickets for us to go. This site made finding tickets easy. Next time we go, we'll go to you guys first. Awesome job on the site."

1/3/2011 - Carly S.
"Thanks for the speedy shipment. I actually got an email that said my seats weren't available so I am being upgraded for free! Wow, that never happens. Luck is on my side!"

9/27/2010 - Don A.
"I wanted to let you know that our tickets arrived today and there were not any issues. Great job. Thank you!"

8/1/2010 - Anonymous
"I highly suggest you to everyone that needs tickets for something that is sold out. Every time I go to look for tickets on ticketmaster and it is sold out, I come across your site somehow and I have probably placed 8 orders in the past. You have a great selection and I am glad to be a repeat customer. Your customer service operators are great, I have talked with them in the past and they are friendly and know what they're talking about... and, they speak ENGLISH! All-around, great company. Kudos!"

6/23/2010 - Thomas B.
"i must have dealt with a dozen ticket companies and seems to be the best one. the tickets were fairly priced and i was actually able to speak to customer service! i will do business with this company any time. thanks guys"

3/28/2009 - Mark G.
"I came to your site looking for Jonas Brothers tickets for my kids and I ended up buying Jimmy Buffett tickets for myself and my wife, haha. I actually ordered both. We were able to purchase both sets of tickets, no problem. I like your site, it's easy to navigate and the prices are competitive. I'll be bookmarking your home page for future reference. Thank you."

11/16/2008 - Paulie M.
"I just wanted to let you know I got my AC/DC tickets for the Izod Center concert today. The seats were the exact ones I ordered and they arrived on schedule. Great doing business with you, I will be back for sure!"

1/7/2008 - Donna A.
"My daughters will be so excited to learn that they will be going to the Hannah Montana concert! What a great birthday present this will be. I am so glad I finally found a place to get reasonably priced tickets. I will be recommending this to all the other moms in my office."

9/4/2007 - Warren P.
"Trying to find a better deal for Red Sox playoff tickets was such a headache, you were right! Anyway, I appreciate your help and my clients and I will be at the game at Fenway. Take care, WP"

4/18/2007 - Jim L.
"Hey guys, just following up with you from the other day. We got the tickets this afternoon and I can't thank you enough. If we didn't get tickets for the Police concert, my girlfriend would have never let me live it down. Talk to you soon!" Webutation

We appreciate all feedback and testimonials! If you would like to review Front Row King, please use the email us at: frontrowking[at]gmail[dot]com. We accept all testimonials, reviews, feedback and suggestions (positive or negative).

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