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West Side Story News
'West Side Story' opens at Seacoast Rep this weekend
PORTSMOUTH – "West Side Story," the 1950s musical of forbidden love amid rival New York youth gangs, will be staged with a 21st century perspective as the Seacoast Repertory Theatre moves into its ...

A captivating 'West Side Story Tickets' at 5th Avenue Theatre reminds us this musical is in a class by itself
It is the finger snap still heard in productions around the world. And when a young street tough clicks those digits again at the 5 th Avenue Theatre, telegraphing fellow members of the Jets gang to ...

Seacoast Rep gives 'West Side Story Tickets' a modern take on today's racial divide
PORTSMOUTH - Bryan Knowlton, a Portsmouth native who unveils Seacoast Repertory Theatre's version of "West Side Story" tonight, calls this version a "more sensitive take on today's racial divide." ...